Now that the holiday madness is finally over, I have time to stop knitting gifts and get back to just knitting for the fun of it (without a deadline!).

Here are some of the goodies that I’ve gotten finished since the New Year. (Plus some almost finished stuff I really need to get done…)

Project 1: amant by Trude Hertaas (socks!) [project page]



So, truth be told, I only technically finished these socks this morning. I’ll still call them my “first” project because they’ve been sitting 95% done since early January.

loved working with the Smooshy with Cashmere (by Dream in Color). It felt so luxurious all the way through, and it left my hands feeling smooth. The grey color I used (Grey Tabby) was so subdued (in a good way!) yet still had a nice sheen so that my cabling stood out.

Oh, and because I’m weird about these things, I flipped the given chart for the second sock so that they’d be symmetrical. I started to even flip the toe decreases but got a little lazy half-way through and just continued as normal but worked [ssk] instead of [k2tog].


Project 2: Adelaide Yoke Pullover by Kate Gagnon Osborn [project page]




This sweater definitely took a lot of work. If it weren’t for the easy gauge, I think I’d have given up pretty quickly.

I started of with a different colorway and knit an entire sleeve before I decided that I wasn’t happy with it. After frogging the whole sleeve…. I decided on these colors. I think I definitely like the way the colors work on the sleeve better than they do in the yoke, but by the time I was done with it I didn’t feel like ripping it out and rethinking it. It also helped that it was about 1 AM….

The pattern specifies that the sweater is supposed to have zero inches of ease and be tight-fitting. Mine did not turn out that way. However, I think I’m actually happier with it being on the larger side. The sleeves fit well and it’s really only around the stomach that it’s loose, which is fine.

But I would definitely recommend this pattern for anyone who hasn’t made a yoke-style sweater before. I was a little worried but I think I actually like this method a lot better than the traditional back, front, sleeve, sleeve method because there’s less seaming and finishing.


Well, that’s all I’ve got finished so far this year.

I’m currently working on Rose Hiver’s Warm-Hearted Mitts as well as Jocelyn Tunney’s Blue Bell Hill Scarf. Hopefully I’ll get one of those done by the end of February so that I can share it with you all! 🙂


~Happy knitting!~