It’s finally finished! I’ve taken all the photos I need and have put together a pdf of the pattern for this fabulous hat.

If you didn’t see the previous post about this hat, it’s basically just a simply beanie–but with a twist. It’s double knit all the way through, so it’s completely reversible, and super-duper warm!

I’ve already worn it around campus a few times and it’s kept my ears pretty darn toasty. I also love that it has the two sides, so if I change in mood during the day I can just give it a little flip for a whole new look!

Which side do you guys like better? I think I like the mostly blue one…. but it’s’ hard to decide!

Ok, I know, enough yakking. Here’s the pattern!

Link (.pdf): Isle of Birds

If you all have any questions about the pattern, comments, or corrections, please, please feel free to email me!

My email is

You can also just leave a comment on this post too!

I’ll be posting the link to the official Ravelry page of this hat later today (along with the next sneak peek…. :D) so check back soon!