As much as I know it’s a tradition, I’m not a big fan of watching the Super Bowl. So, I knitted while it was on! 

I’ve been working on this double-knitted hat for a while, but it wasn’t until today when I finished it. I’ve also made a cowl that is the same pattern and technique but in different colors (because I ran out of yarn….). Pics of the cowl are coming soon too.

My theory behind these items is that one single layer of worsted weight yarn doesn’t do much against the bitter winds of Midwest winters. I’ve also always loved colorwork (chevron in particular) and haven’t made that many things that use that technique. 

First, I started knitting, having no idea what I was doing. I started off with a certain number of stitches intending to make the hat first, but it was too large and I thought, oh well, I’ll just make a cowl! Once that was done I got straight to work on the hat.

And I was right! Both items are super toasty. And both will come with a free pattern!!!

Ok, enough jibber-jabber. Here’s the photos!

Double-Knitted HatThe top of that picture is the “right” side, the that, when I knitted, faced me. The other side shown on the bottom is the “reverse” and the back of the double knitting. This means that, yes, this hat is completely reversible!!! (That’s my favorite part.) It’s also doubly thick and warm.

I’ll try to get pics of the cowl up and the pattern posted by the end of the week for all of you eager to get started! 🙂