This past weekend, despite my shoulder being annoying, I managed to complete the bulbasaur I’ve been working on!

I used Whitney Ruth’s pattern, link here (Ravelry page), with only a few changes. If you look in her original photo the bulb on his back is more pointed than in mine. I changed it by decreasing as you would for a sphere, then adding the point further along. If any of you want the actual pattern for what I did let me know and I’ll post it.

Front: The face is pretty easy, I just used red and white felt and black and white yarn for the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then used blue/turquoise felt for the spots (all over the body).

Left side: Here’s a better view of some of the spots (though they still didn’t show up too well with the flash). I think I was stressed out when I crocheted the bulb because if you look the stitching is a lot smaller than it is over the rest of the toy. I know that I used the same hook, so that’s not it, but maybe the yarn was just a teeny but smaller so it made a pretty big difference. I’m still happy with it!

Right side:



I made this pokemon as a gift so it is no longer in my possession, and that makes me a little sad. This took far more time than the squirtle (it’s about four times bigger!) and this is my first real experience with spending that much time on something then giving it away. But I’m glad that I did; the person who I gave it to was super duper happy and it inspired some other people to ask me for pokemon too, even my dad!

My dad is a HUGE Darth Vader fan. So much so that one entire wall of his office at work is covered with Darth Vader toys and posters. before I finished bulbasaur I asked him if he wanted me to make him one. He said that it would be “okay” if I did that. I think he was still a little doubtful of my skills as a crocheter. Then, once he saw bulbasaur, he was really excited for his. He has some mini lightsabers and basically wants me to crochet one on a scale that would be appropriate so that the toy could be holding one of them. It’ll be a challenge but it’ll also be super fun! He’s gone to Indiana for the week so I’ll get started on that once he gets back. I’ll, of course, upload pics when I’m done. Wish me luck!