So I’m working on knitting a new bag pattern. It’s a windmill bag inspired by the one here (link to the Ravelry pate–requires registration). I think it’ll be pretty cool once it’s done!

But once again it all depends on how my shoulder goes. I think I’ll just probably knit it left-handed and, if I need to, I’ll learn to crochet left-handed too! It’d be pretty cool to be an ambidextrous knitter/crocheter! I started already trying to make a square for my blanket that I’m working on (crocheting) left-handed and the only thing I can think of that would be a problem is when I seam it together–that round I might have to do right-handed….

Once again I’ll upload my progress. Maybe I should make a blog/post called like Left-Handed Crafts similar to Left-Handed Toons! No, I won’t. That’s an interesting idea though.


So basically, new pattern coming soon. Once I’m done with it I’ll upload pics and the pattern!