If you didn’t already know, my boyfriend and I love pokemon. When I discovered Wolfdreamer’s blog with tons (and I mean tons) of high-quality pokemon patterns, we both got very excited. I promptly made him one of his favorite pokemon: squirtle!

Original pattern on Wolfdreamer’s blog here. I would recommend this pattern for anyone who can read a regular crochet pattern and has a few hours on their hands. Including hooking and sewing time I’d say it took me maybe 5-6 hours. A good hour of this time is because I couldn’t get the mouth right (and because my boyfriend knows pokemon too well). I don’t know if you can see it in the picture on Wolfdreamer’s blog but squirtle’s upper lip has a very distinctive dip in the middle where his nose is. I didn’t realize this until after a few times of trying it and it not turning out right. Overall though, great pattern!
And here’s how it turned out:

Here’s the start of it, just the front, back and head.

Add an arm…

…or two

Both legs (without toes because I didn’t realize that was part of the pattern until later).

And then the tail! All the pieces complete!

All of the pieces were then pinned together. I thought I was pretty smart for, when regular sewing pins failed, using bobby pins. I suggest you do the same!

The final product:

Aside from that little loop on the mouth it’s perfect! I highly recommend this pattern!

More to come as I complete them. I plan on making an entire squirtle squad for him plus one that’ll be a little darker in color and will be supposed to be Ash’s. I can’t wait!